Disputes related to sales of apartments and real estate

Since the 1980s, we have attended to about 150 cases concerning various disputes related to the sales of homes, apartments, real estate and holiday homes. Our aim is always to settle the dispute by an agreement as soon as possible, and this proves successful in about 90% of all disputes.  Since disputes related to home sales tend to be emotionally stressful, every effort should be made to resolve them without a court case that can last for years and turn out to be very costly.  An amicable settlement of the dispute is typically the most economically advantageous option – both for the buyer and the seller.

Nevertheless, if the dispute cannot be settled without the help of the court, the assistance of construction experts is usually necessary. We can seek help from our network of construction professionals with proven and trusted expertise and experience in testifying in court. If you have your own experts, we will also use their expertise.  From the perspective of the buyer, the most important thing is to provide the seller

with a timely and correctly drafted notification of defects, i.e. complaint, together with your claims. Complaints must always be made within a reasonable time from when the defect became known.  If necessary, we will help our clients in investigating the defect, get a repair cost calculation and prepare the notification of defect. In many cases, clients have legal expenses insurance as part of their home insurance policy. We can take care of the paperwork related to insurance claims.

From the perspective of the seller, the sale of an old single-family house – whether owned by you alone or jointly by the heirs of a deceased person – is always risky. It is not enough to indicate generally in the contract of sale that the property is sold as a teardown (i.e. ready to be demolished), if the sale price is a fair market price and the property is sold for permanent residential occupancy. For this reason, it is justified for the seller to use the services of a lawyer even when the sale is still being prepared.