Dispute resolution and legal proceedings

Whether your dispute concerns a home sale, an employment contract, a contract agreement, compensation for damage or any other legal problem, it is the first task of your lawyer to identify the legally relevant issues in your case, and evaluate any evidence-related questions that there might be. Once this groundwork is carried out properly, it is possible to assess the probability of your case succeeding, and the potential risks involved. In the majority of cases, the less arguing there is, the better the outcome for the client. However, if it not possible to reach an agreement that would be in the interest of the client, it may be necessary to go to court. If this happens, your success depends on both the groundwork and your lawyer’s ability to substantiate your claims, so that it is possible to ‘sell’ your view to the judge.

We are constantly dealing with various types of disputes, and we understand well the tasks mentioned above and other requirements of a lawyer. An overwhelming majority of the disputes we deal with are settled amicably, but if it is necessary to go to court, we will provide the judges hearing the case with sharp analysis and convincing argumentation. In most cases, this leads to a positive outcome for our client.

The costs of settling a dispute are often covered by legal expenses insurance or state-financed legal aid. We take care of making an insurance claim or applying for legal aid on your behalf.