Business law

Contract law

Business agreements often involve particulars related to a specific industry and many legally challenging issues that require the lawyers dealing with such cases to have special professional skills and experience in contract law. Business agreements may concern negotiations with a business associate, drafting a contract, a difference of opinions on a contractual relationship, or signing a contract with a business partner, which is often a shareholder agreement between the shareholders of a company. A shareholder agreement is usually recommended whenever there is more than one shareholder in a limited company. It is an affordable and effective way to agree on the particulars of the cooperation between shareholders and prevent mutual disputes.

Lawyer Johannes Ahola has extensive experience in drawing up business agreements as well as solving problems related to such agreements.

Dispute resolution and court proceedings

Business disputes often concern complex matters involving substantial financial interests, which puts a great emphasis on the professional skills of the lawyer. In this case, it is particularly important to make sure that the lawyer dealing with your case has both the experience and the skills to ensure the best possible outcome.