Hannu Lukkarila


I graduated from the University of Turku in 1971, having already worked as a lawyer when I was still a student. In spring 1971, I moved to Rovaniemi to work, and have been working in law since then. I set up my own law firm in 1974. I manage challenging litigation cases related to sales of apartments and real estate almost on a daily basis. A significant share of my time is also spent dealing with disputes concerning compensation for damages – either property damage or personal injury.

My leisure activities and positions of trust have enabled me to specialise in real estate and forestry cases. My other fields of specialisation include NGOs and hunting, and I manage cases related to them everywhere in Finland.

In my free time, I enjoy forest work, dancing, hunting and fishing, which help me to keep work and life in balance.

Tel. +35816 346 203
Mobile. +358400 395 966
Email hannu.lukkarila@ lukkarila-ahola.fi